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2019-07-31Credit Warning Signs, Low Interest Rates and Market RegulationHow a low interest rates environment and regulations on the banking sector affect profitability and systemic financial risk. See also Posts Group ID BD22047E97B0BFA2CCADB9ABD1E3F4E752A3685E: "Households Debt and Predatory Lending"
2019-07-30Privacy on Facebook and Cameras in Airbnb and HotelsTips about which applications can access your facebook data by partnering with facebook on your smartphone, and how to disable their access. Review of devices allowing to detect hiden cameras in a hotel or Airbnb room.
2019-07-30Review of Photovoltaic Energy Technologies in Relation to the Environment and Availability of MaterialsOverview of available technologies for solar panels, and assessment of their potential to tackle climate change, as well as their general environmental impact. Availability of the materials, energy efficiency, toxicity of materials are evidenced through documentaion.
2019-07-30Sattelites Constellations, Electric Flights, Electric Cars & LithiumDifferent fields of innovation which have in common a dependence on lithium for energy storage in batteries. Press reviews about businesses and companies planning development and rollout of a range of products.
2019-07-30Overfishing and the Environment in OceansCurrent state of overfishing and related documentation.
2019-07-30Garbage Processing: Myths and RealityHow we've been told, time and time again, that there were serious plans to recycle waste in a more and more efficient way, when it turned out that only a small fraction was effectively recycled.
2019-07-28Ebola VirusWorld Health Organization information about the ebola virus. Tentatives d’introduction illégale d’un vaccin expérimenta du fabricant pharmaceutique Johnson & Johnson en République Démocratique du Congo.
2019-07-27Machine Learning, Advertising and Eating DisordersHow advertising triggers eating habbits which can lead to eating disorders, by stimulating our fantasies. How machine learning based suggestion mechanisms re-inforce our inclinations towards quick pleasures, creating positive feedback loops getting our reward pathways out of control.
2019-07-27Households Debt and Predatory LendingLending practices of banks, predatory lending, deregulation of banks, and the 2008 financial crisis. Press review about households debt, savings and retirement in the US.
2019-07-21Epidemiology of Lifestyle-Related Diseases and Industrial FoodsHow some lifestyle-related diseases' incidence is increasing, imposing a huge burden on our health care systems, and imposing unacceptable tolls on populations: death toll, disabilities, poor life expectancy in good health.
2019-07-11Running Time is Also Consequential DamageHow the damage of criminal activity is also consequential damage, e.g. some value which was not created, etc.