Breakfast with Hot Chocolate, Soya and Mashed Nuts

Breakfast is my most caloric meal in the day, and should allow me to have the energy I need for the better part of the day. Here is an example of sweet breakfast (in accord with French traditions).

The calories come from whole bread, (whole) mashed nuts (such as almonds or hazelnuts) or mashed sesame (Tahini), pure meagre cocoa and raw (unrefined) cane sugar. Here, I use cow milk for the hot chocolate.

As a complement, a beverage made of pure organic soya bean (without glyphosate) with water (which bring some vegetable proteins and hydration). This is commonly called soy milk. Note that such plain soybean beverage does not bring significant calcium intake, and cannot replace milk unless it is enriched in calcium. I have it plain because I allow animal milk, yoghurt and cheese in my diet.

Note that I also often have fresh fruits for my breakfast, but I have them in a separate moment to ease digestion. I find the mix of milk and fresh fruits most difficult to digest, so I have my fresh fruits first when I wake up (possibly with sugar-free and milk-free coffee or tea), then I pause about 30 minutes (a time I can use for personal care or dressing up) before I have the caloric part described here.

Figure 1. Breakfast with Hot Chocolate, Whole bread with Mashed Almonds,
and Organic Plain Soya Drink.
Note that milk is slow to digest, so I have an alternative breakfast if I want to exercise before late afternoon.
An example of more or less nutritionally equivalent to the hot chocolate, but easier to digest would be some ewe cheese and some regular chocolate (with highest percentage of cocoa), to be eaten along with the bread.