Carrots "Façon Vichy"

Carrots "Façon Vichy" are fried and slightly caramelized using the natural sugars which are naturally contained in raw fresh carrots. After peeling and cutting, the frying comes in two phases: the active phase (about 15 min) and the passive phase (about 45 min):

  1. Active phase: Get the pieces of carrots roasted on all sides by letting them on high heat and turning them. In between turning the slices of carrots, the ones on the bottom must have the time to caramelize (about 90 seconds to 2 min).
  2. Passive phase: Leave the carrots covered on very low heat until you're satisfied with the consistance

Figure . Overview of the core preparation of carrots "Façon Vichy".

See an example of use in an intermediate level recipe with the Chicken with Blue Cheese, Carrots and Spinach.

Note that there is an easy way to cook carrots to make mashed carrots in the pressure cooker (about 15 min).